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Yasmine Bayero (SLNI past Intern)
Yasmine Bayero (SLNI past Intern)(SLNI past Intern)
I was very fortunate to have landed myself an unforgettable and memorable firsthand experience at SLNI. As someone who is passionate about causes for the vulnerable and less fortunate in our society. I was more than ecstatic to start on my journey as a volunteer; an experience which I will cherish forever would be more than happy to relive it a thousand times.
Bam Edet
Bam Edet (Former employee)
My time at SLNI was a rare destiny molding encounter, it was challenging and empowering. Working with SLNI broadened my knowledge and shaped my perceptions about life, work and professionalism.
Alh. Mohammed Atiku Kende
Alh. Mohammed Atiku KendePerm Sec Kebbi State Ministry of Health
SLNI maternal health programs are highly appreciated in Kebbi state, and its our hope that SLNI returns for more programs.
Chief of Jahi II Community
Chief of Jahi II Community
We thank SLNI for always coming to our community to help and educate our women
Dr Abba Zakari
Dr Abba Zakari(Jigawa State Comm. for Health)
Maternal and infant mortality are high in Jigawa, and we need all the help we can get.We are glad SLNI is bringing her activities to the state.
Pearl ACTS support group member
Pearl ACTS support group member
"You people are doing a good job here. You encourage me to have self-confidence", despite my status of being HIV positive.

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Pneumonia awareness programme at a primary school in the FCT-Abuja.

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