Adolescent & Youth Health

Adolescents are educated on peer pressure, substance/drugs abuse and depression. They are encouraged to always support each other and be in company of those who are willing to learn and impact themselves positively with both educative and personal developmental contents.

  • SUPPORT GROUP MEETING: A platform set up to educate HIV positive adolescent on drug overdose, not to neglect their medication as it could lead to increase in their viral load copies, which will lead to second line Antiretroviral drugs (ART). They are also encouraged to take adequate nutrition to support their health and general wellbeing.
  • SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Adolescents are provided with comprehensive sexual education, which empowers them to know their right and encourage them to delay early marriage as well as to refuse unwanted sexual advances. They are also educated on the prevention and management of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.
  • These young women are taught on menstrual hygiene and decency in appearance as a way of avoiding sexual abuse from male counterparts.