Nigeria is among the top largest contributor to the under-5 and maternal mortality rate in the world. Poverty, limited access to medical treatment, limited access to health care workers, lack of awareness, and poor hygiene all increase the risk of deadly but preventable diseases, making them the main causes of high mortality rates among babies and mothers. This understanding facilitated a response and a need to provide a solution to the underlying problem in Nigeria.

In 2009, we began with the broad idea of using our resources to help those captured in this framework who cannot help themselves regardless of how much they try. Gradually, this initiative grew beyond and the act of goodwill. Soon we saw the need for a more focused approach to our philanthropic work.

Today’s world has an endless number of compelling social issues, and without a concentrated effort, our impact would be diluted. Over time, we realized that we could maximize our social impact by addressing the health needs of children, youths, and women in rural communities. By doing this, we have contributed to saving millions of lives and thus improving the future of those in rural communities.

Once we had a dedicated area of focus, we recognized the need to scale up to programs on education and empowerment supported by committed and able partners, locally and abroad.  This has helped us carry out our work effectively and sustainably.

We continue to work with partners who are familiar with the needs; framework and history of Nigeria, who have the technical expertise as well as financial ability to give our projects a larger impact in the lives of our intended beneficiaries. 

Volunteers who are passionate about seeing lives positively affected are also welcome to join us to spread the message of hope. There is still so much work to do, so many communities to reach and so many lives to save.

Partnerships are crucial to our survival; please allow me to extend a heartfelt thank you to the individuals, corporations, foundations, state ministries, community leaders, our staff, advisory board members (past & present), and friends who have helped to enrich SLNI’s programs since 2009.

A simple thank you cannot do justice to your contributions. SLNI could not have grown to its present level without your support. Your commitment to the success of SLNI’s programs and ultimately, to the greater success of saving lives, continues to empower, inspire and strengthen our foundation and nurture our programs.

But yet again, we won’t stop till we see a better world starting from our environment.

Hauwa, Abbas Hadejia

COO Silver Lining For The Needy Initiative