Ketti Community Health Outreach Program

On September 15, 2023, SLNI conducted an outreach program at the Ketti community. The primary objectives of this program were to provide clothing materials, deliver health talks addressing vaccine hesitancy, promote HPV vaccination, educate on malaria prevention and treatment, and distribute mosquito nets. The program was held from 10:00 AM to 11:40 AM. 25 community members attended the event, including men, and women.

Program Activities:

Malaria Prevention and Cure: An informative session on malaria prevention and treatment was conducted. This included education on using mosquito nets, the significance of early diagnosis, and malaria treatment.

Health Talks on Vaccine Hesitancy: SLNI Staff delivered talks on the importance of vaccines and addressed common concerns related to vaccine hesitancy. The community members were engaged in interactive discussions to dispel myths and promote informed decision-making. HPV Vaccination Promotion: Our team emphasized the importance of HPV vaccination in preventing cervical cancer. Information regarding the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness was shared, and community members were encouraged to get vaccinated.

Distribution of Hand Washing Soap: To promote personal hygiene and disease prevention. Clothing Material Distribution: The event concluded with the distribution of clothing materials to the community members. This was a heartwarming initiative that aimed to provide essential clothing items to those in need.

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