World Malaria/Immunization Day At Piwoyi Community

SLNI carried out a malaria and immunization sensitization program during their advocacy visit to Piwoyi on 25th April 2022. Miss Iroh Grace anchored the meeting. She welcomed the people in attendance and welcomed the Admin Officer Mr. Simeon Orduen who educated the women, men and children in attendance on Malaria as a disease.

He spoke on the causes, how to combat and prevent the disease and what to do if the residents were infected by mosquitoes. He admonished on the need for the residents of Piwoyi to have their drinking water boiled and safe for use. Further, he entertained some questions from the attendees and had them duly answered.

Miss Iroh Grace went on to educate the attendees on immunization and vaccination. Here she explained to the attendees on the need to get vaccinated, where to get your vaccinations and common diseases that requires immunization. Also she explained why many persons see vaccines as unsafe due to the temporary side effects that come with vaccination.

More questions were entertained and duly answered. Following this was a closing session by Mrs. Rhoda, who thanked everyone in attendance, prayed and shared refreshment and incentives.