Kangaroo Mother Care (Skin-to-Skin Contact)

When it comes to looking after newborns, there’s something truly special about Kangaroo Mother care (KMC), or skin-to-skin care. It’s not just for premature babies – it can help all newborns and their parents in a big way. Let’s explore why this cuddly practice is so great and how it can make a big difference for both babies and their moms and dads.

What’s Kangaroo Mother care?

KMC is all about keeping babies close to their parents, especially moms, right after they’re born. The baby is placed directly on their parent’s chest, with no clothes in between. It’s called Kangaroo care because it’s like how kangaroo moms carry their babies in their pouches. It has gained recognition for its numerous benefits and has been endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Why is it so Good?

1.     Keeps Babies Steady: Being snuggled up to mom or dad’s warm body helps babies stay just the right temperature and keeps their heart rate and breathing steady.

2.     Makes Babies Stronger: Babies who get KMC are less likely to get sick because they pick up good germs from their parents’ skin, which helps their immune systems grow strong.

3.     Helps with Breastfeeding: KMC makes it easier for babies to learn how to breastfeed because they’re right there with their mom’s chest, making it easy to latch on and nurse.

4.     Brings Families Closer: When babies and parents spend lots of time skin-to-skin, it helps them feel close and connected, which is super important for everyone’s happiness.

5.     Helps Brains Grow: Scientists think that KMC might even help babies’ brains grow better because they feel less stressed and get to spend more time with their moms and dads.

Note. The World Health Organization specifically recommends combining Kangaroo Mother care with exclusive breastfeeding. This combination provides optimal nutrition for the baby and supports healthy growth and development

How Can Anyone Do It?

KMC isn’t just for hospitals. Any parent can do it at home, too. All it takes is some comfy cuddle time with your baby, with no clothes in between, as often as you both like. To implement Kangaroo Mother care, the process involves placing the baby, wearing only a diaper, directly against the parent’s bare chest in a vertical position, with the baby’s head turned to one side, mimicking the pouch of a kangaroo. This physical closeness allows for the transfer of warmth, comfort, and emotional bonding between the parent and the baby. 

Challenges and How to Beat Them.

Sometimes, it can be hard to do KMC because of different customs, worries, or not having the right support. But with some learning, help from friends and family, and maybe even changes to rules in hospitals, more parents can try KMC and see how wonderful it can be.

Making Parents Feel Powerful.

KMC isn’t just about babies – it’s about making parents feel like superheroes. When moms and dads get the hang of KMC, they feel like they can take on anything, and their babies grow up feeling safe, loved, and ready to explore the world.


Kangaroo Mother care, also known as skin-to-skin care, is a powerful technique that offers numerous benefits for preterm infants and their parents. By providing optimal nutrition, regulating body temperature, and fostering emotional bonding, Kangaroo Mother care creates a nurturing environment for the well-being and development of these vulnerable infants. With the endorsement of the World Health Organization, Kangaroo Mother care has become an essential practice in neonatal care worldwide.

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