National Dialogue on Educational Issues

Silver Lining for the Needy Initiative participated in the National Dialogue on Educational Issues meeting on March 28, 2023, which took place at the Stonehedge Hotel in Abuja. The dialogue was held to bring together all stakeholders in the key area of education, discuss all challenges that are currently facing education, and also critically discuss the thematic areas of education and stakeholder engagement.

The Federal Ministry of Education and the Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) Africa 19 Hub convened the summit, which had the following objectives:

  • raising awareness of the following education-related themes: learning, teachers, knowledge, and systemic factors (geographical location).
  • capacity strengthening, promising practices to inform education in Nigeria, strengthening of national education globally, and continental education for all Africans.

Key Note from the Meeting:

In line with the report, in meeting data challenges in education, one factor that keeps children out of school emanates from society (outside of the school setting). An increase in community outreach to sensitize guidance and parents will help create more awareness. Adequate school programs and facilities for learning should be provided to keep learners in school. Increased peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing.

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Silver Lining For the Needy Initiative (SLNI) is an NGO in special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

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