One-Day Integrated FERICC/FEMCHIC Meeting


The primary objective of the meeting held on march 19th 2024 was to foster a well-coordinated session between FCT FERICC and FEMCHIC, with the aim of producing tangible outcomes. Additionally, the meeting sought to retrospectively assess past achievements and delineate future strategies to further enhance healthcare initiatives in the region.


·         Arrival and Registration:  Attendees arrived and registered for the meeting, ensuring smooth proceedings.

·         Opening Prayers/Self-introduction: The meeting commenced with opening prayers, followed by participants introducing themselves, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

·         Welcome Address by ES- PHCB: The Executive Secretary of the Primary Healthcare Board delivered a warm welcome address, setting the tone for the day’s discussions and emphasizing the importance of the meeting’s objectives.

·       Opening Remarks by Director PHC: The Director of Primary Healthcare provided opening remarks, acknowledging the significance of the gathering and highlighting the key areas of focus.

·         Goodwill Messages by Silver Lining for the Needy Initiative and Vaccine Network for Disease Control: Representatives from esteemed organizations conveyed goodwill messages, expressing their support and commitment to advancing healthcare initiatives in the region.

·         Review of FERICC Action Tracker by FERICC PM/Secretariat: The FERICC Project Manager or Secretariat presented a comprehensive review of the action tracker, showcasing progress made, challenges encountered, and areas for improvement.

·         Presentation on Maternal and Child Health Mortality, Community Health Influencers, Promoters, and Services by Dr. Salamatu: Dr. Salamatu, delivered an insightful presentation on initiatives aimed at bolstering maternal and child healthcare services. Challenges such as healthcare workers’ attitudes and manpower shortages were addressed, alongside proposed implementation strategies to overcome these hurdles.

·         Lunch/Prayer: Attendees took a break for lunch, fostering networking opportunities and a moment for reflection through prayer.                                 

·      Presentation on Vaccine Monitoring Device by UNICEF VSL: UNICEF’s Vaccine Supply Chain Logistics team presented innovative solutions for vaccine monitoring, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of immunization programs.

·   Discussion by All Participants: A robust discussion ensued, with participants actively engaging in dialogue, sharing insights, and exchanging ideas to address healthcare challenges and optimize strategies. 

·        Vote of Thanks by SIO (Dr. Okoli): The Senior Information Officer extended heartfelt gratitude to all participants on behalf of the organizers, acknowledging their valuable contributions and commitment to the cause.

·         Closing Prayers by Mr. Tanko: Mr. Tanko led the closing prayers, invoking blessings and unity as the meeting drew to a close, leaving attendees inspired and motivated to continue their efforts in advancing healthcare in the region.


The One-Day Integrated FERICC/FEMCHIC Meeting served as a platform for stakeholders to converge, exchange insights, and strategize for the enhancement of healthcare delivery in the FCT region. The presentations, discussions, and collaborations underscored the collective commitment towards achieving tangible results and addressing challenges in maternal and child healthcare, community health promotion, and vaccine management.



1. Strengthen efforts to address healthcare workers’ attitudes and enhance manpower in primary healthcare centers.

2. Expedite the equipping of PHCs with necessary materials to improve service delivery.

3. Prioritize the training and capacity building of healthcare workers to ensure effective implementation of healthcare programs.

4. Foster continued collaboration and information sharing among stakeholders to maximize impact and efficiency in healthcare initiatives.

5. Explore innovative solutions, such as vaccine monitoring devices, to optimize vaccine management and distribution processes.


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