NUTRITION – August 2019

Silver Lining for the Needy Initiative on the 1st, 2nd,5th&  6th  of August, 2019 carried out Nutrition activities to mark and complement the breastfeeding week(1st – 7th of August) in Piwoyi, Kpaduma, Karu, Durumi Communities. All the sessions were anchored by the Health, Nutrition and Linkage officer in person of Mrs. Lovina .s. Christopher. The meetings started at 12 noon. She primarily gave nutritional health talks on the importance of ensuring that breastfeeding mothers heed to the basic nutritional needs that will keep both mother and child safe. Other aspects where huge emphasis were placed include the need for adequate diet, quality/quantity of food intake, proper cooking, and handling of food,  as well growth monitoring are essential for children development and well-being.

The sessions were marked by OVCs nutritional status assessment using the MUAC tape, height, and weight to monitor the wellbeing/development for positive and malnourished children. 291 action meals were distributed to 85 children across  the  four communities with a total of 18 positives getting  5 pieces each as justified (90 pieces);67 malnourished children getting 3 pieces each as justified(201 pieces), while a total of 161children were given vitamin A, and dewormed to boost their nutritional status, immunity, and eyesight.

The session concludes with key recommendation for breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, and female caregivers to keenly give quality attendance to the nutritional needs required to keep the health of mother and child at the optimum. The program was educating, informative and highly interactive. Refreshment was served at the end of the program. The meeting came to an end at about 2:30 pm.

SLNI aim and objective for the program is to empower and improve the lives of Caregivers and the community at large by instilling accurate knowledge on the importance of adequate diet & nutrition to health.

Navigating HIV and Pregnancy: Empowering Mothers and Protecting Futures in Nigeria.
PARENTING -August 2019

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Silver Lining For the Needy Initiative (SLNI) is an NGO in special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

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