POWER Foundation in partnership with Silver Lining for the Needy initiative (SLNI) successfully conducted; a program organized to commemorate International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development at Day Star International Secondary School on the 8th of Dec 2023. The event aimed to raise awareness about the significance of volunteering and its impact on economic and social development.


The program commenced at 9:26 am with an opening prayer, setting a positive and inclusive tone for the day’s activities. Following the prayer, the coordinator delivered an opening address, welcoming everyone and providing an overview of the day’s agenda.

The coordinator introduced the topic of volunteering, emphasizing its purpose and importance. The students actively participated in defining the concept of volunteering, showcasing their understanding of its meaning and relevance.

 Q&A Session

Students had the opportunity to ask questions related to volunteering, and the coordinator provided insightful answers. This interactive session enhanced the students’ comprehension of the subject and fostered a sense of curiosity.

Material Distribution

At the conclusion of the program, books, stationeries, and refreshments were distributed to all participants. This gesture aimed to support the students’ educational endeavors and acknowledge their active participation in the event.


The success of the program was attributed to meticulous preparation and effective mobilization efforts. The coordinator engaged with the school principal to discuss the program, made necessary arrangements, and secured a classroom for the event. All required materials, including notebooks, stationeries, and refreshments, were gathered in advance.


The program achieved its goals, and everything unfolded according to the planned schedule. Out of the targeted 50 students, all were present, reflecting the students’ interest and engagement in the subject matter. This event not only contributed to the students’ education but also fostered a spirit of community engagement and volunteerism, aligning with the broader goals of economic and social development.


In conclusion, the International Volunteer Day program at Day Star International Secondary School was a resounding success. The students gained valuable insights into the meaning and importance of volunteering, actively participated in discussions, and appreciated the support extended through material distributions. The collaboration between the foundation and the school was acknowledged and appreciated by the teachers and staff, who expressed gratitude for the foundation’s immense support.

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About the Author


Silver Lining For the Needy Initiative (SLNI) is an NGO in special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

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