Food Demonstration, Adolescent and kids clubs activities

HTS, Food Demonstration, Adolescent and kids clubs activities at Durumi, one of our adopted communities.
The food prepared is Gote, a locally made cuisine with ingredients ranging from corn, vegetables, meat, dried fish, Maggi, salt, pepper, diced onions, amongst others. Usually prepared and consumed by northerners, the women were excited at the prospects of learning different ways of preparation and were excited to be partakers.
The adolescent talk was on the importance of life skills and how it pertains to them as adolescents, also good interpersonal communications and how to deal with low self-esteem.
The kids had fun activities including reading them stories, singing nursery rhymes, and building their mental skills.


Adolescents Club and Kids Club
HTS, Parenting, Nutrition, Adolescent and kids clubs activities

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